Pkcs7 Certificates from Verisign

I got from a client a file in pkcs7 format which seems to be common for Verisign. Although they offer x.509 certificates too the file that I had contained fields PKCS #7 SIGNED DATA field. I order to get passed that I had to edit the file and instead of :

I used

And instead of :

I used:

Note that its important to have 5 (-).

In the end I ran:

openssl pkcs7 -in mynew_file.crt -print_certs -out verisign.cert

Now in verisign.cert should contain the certificate for your website and probably the intermediate chain cert.

Bulk adding domains in Plesk

I had one client that wanted to add 400 domains on 4 Windows servers, each server had like 4-5 public ips, so I had to use 4/5 ip for 100 domains.

On Windows this worked fine for me:

FOR /L %i IN (0,1,99) DO domain –create mydomain61%i.INFO -login user61%i -ip IP_address -status enabled -hosting true -hst_type phys -passwd domainpass -cgi true -php true -dns true -template Default_Domain

Note that you have to add your own template and rename it like Default_Domain. Of course you can script this even more by taking the domains from a list, same for the ip addresses.

On Linux this can be done using the script.